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Hahndorf town centre

Hahndorf Town Centre - FURTHER INFORMATION

Hahndorf Town Centre - Hahndorf visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Hahndorf Town Centre' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from South Australia.

Hahndorf - A well preserved historical township and major tourist attraction with strong German origins in the Adelaide Hills with more than 100 significant heritage listed shops and dwellings that give the town a very special ambience..

Located 28 km south-east of Adelaide, It is a little piece of Silesia, Prussia and Germany. It is characterised by beautiful shady, tree-lined streets, lots of advertisements and shop signs in Teutonic script, and lots of tourists being entertained in cafes, bars and restaurants run by the descendants of the town's early German settlers. The town is 330 m above sea level, has a rainfall of 990 mm and promotes itself as Australia's Oldest German Town.

As a human habitat, the Hahndorf valley is one of the world's oldest continually settled communities and was a traditional home of the local Peramangk Aboriginal People, possibly dating from as long ago as 20,000 years. The area where Hahndorf village is now established was a favourite summer camping spot and nearby rock art is believed to be over 2500 years old. The local Peramangk people did not become extinct after the arrival of the European settlers and family descendents can still be found in the local area.

The European history of Hahndorf starts in 1838 when George Fife Angas went to London as a director of the South Australian Company to try and promote colonisation. While he was there he met Pastor August Ludwig Christian Kavel who was trying to organise for Lutherans who were being persecuted by the King of Prussia, Friedrich Wilhelm III, to emigrate. Angas was moved by the plight of the Lutherans and not only persuaded Kavel that South Australia was a suitable place for emigration but also financially assisted them with a generous £8,000. The first German settlers arrived on 25 November, 1838 at the unfortunately named Port Misery. These settlers were to establish distinctly German villages at Klemzig, Glen Osmond, Lobethal and most famously Hahndorf.

Hahndorf's history is connected to the arrival at Port Adelaide, on 28 December, 1838 of the 344 ton ship, Zebra, under the control of Captain Dirk Hahn. He was impressed by his passengers to such a point that upon their arrival in South Australia he was determined to help them. Although a Dane it is he who is honoured with his name being the basis of the town's name.

The ship was carrying 187 German immigrants. For a time the immigrants lived in tents at Port Adelaide then Hahn came to an agreement to rent 150 acres of land (this was the present site of Hahndorf) which would be divided up so there was 38 acres for living quarters and the rest for farming. Later the grant was expanded to 240 acres. A group of twelve men on horseback and some ladies in a carriage travelled to inspect the site and Hahn was so taken by it that he declared 'It seems to me as if nature had lavished her choicest gifts on South Australia, I should like to end my days here and never return to the busy world.'

Tourist Information:
64 Main St
Hahndorf SA 5245
ph: +61 (0)8 8388-1185

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