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Algebuckina Bridge


Heritage listed Algebuckina Railway Bridge over the Neales river. For a few weeks in the year the river can be 1 mile wide which is difficult to believe during the dry remainder of the year.

Algebuckina Bridge - FURTHER INFORMATION

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A railway station with heritage listed bridge over the Neales river 48 km south of Oodnadatta on the former Marree-Alice Springs line is an Aboriginal name of a nearby waterhole recorded by A.T. Woods in 1872.

The town was laid out in 1890 and proclaimed on 21 July 1898. The survey of the town in 1890 was most likely prompted by the gold find in the area but no town ever developed at the site. Mr. R.H. Biddle discovered gold there in about 1870 and worked the locality again in 1889 and 1902.

During six weeks of the year the river near the Algebuckina bridge is about a mile wide when in flood and all the year round brackish water can be obtained at six feet for prospecting 'in quantities sufficient to supply Adelaide' at Cadnowie Springs (within six miles) and at Hogden's Springs (two miles distant). There was an abundance of rough wood for fuel in the neighbourhood and good gums for timbering 18 or 20 miles along the creek to the north.


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