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Haast Bridge

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This panorama was taken from the middle of the Haast Bridge, one of the longest bridges in New Zealand. The picture was taken late on a summer afternoon and the river was swollen after heavy rain. In the satellite view of the Google map of Haast, the river looks blue and braided, but due to the heavy rain it is grey / brown in this picture, full of silt.


Haast Bridge - Haast visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Haast Bridge' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from West Coast.

Haast Bridge spans the mouth of the Haast River near the township of Haast on the West Coast of New Zealand. At 737m, this is the longest single lane bridge in New Zealand, though there are passing spaces dotted along the length. This is one of tree bridges to span the Haast River. The first is the dramatic Gate of Haast, a popular tourist attraction on the drive over the Haast Pass. For those on a road trip through New Zealand, Haast provides the only gas station between Fox Glacier and Wanaka.

Tourism plays an important part in the economy of the Haast region, and Haast River Safari offers jet boat trips up the Haast River deep into Te Wahipounamu World Heritage Site, providing a unique insight into the region and shore access during the trip.


Road: Haast Bridge is about 3km from Haast, crossed by Highway 6. It is about 120km from Fox Glacier to the north and 142km from Wanaka, (79km from Makarora) over the Haast Pass to the south.

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