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Lake Moeraki

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A virtual tour panorama showing Lake Moeraki on a cloudy day at the tail end of a storm system. The picture was taken from the Haast Highway, and shows the hills shrouded in mist, covered in a dense, lush forest. Image taken January 2008.


Lake Moeraki - Haast visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Lake Moeraki' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from West Coast.

Lake Moeraki is a short distance north of Haast on the West Coast of New Zealand. This lake is about 3km long, set in a glacial valley and surrounded by mountains. The region is popular for outdoor holidays in a relaxed and isolated setting. Numerous lodges opperate in teh area offering fishing, water sports and other activities. The rare Fiordland Crested Penguin nests nearby in November and dolphin are often sited off shore. Among the lodges at Lake Moeraki is the Wilderness Lodge.

Lake Moeraki is surrounded by beautiful landscape. To the south is Knights Point. Beyond this, around Haast, is Haast Beach, and a little inland is Haast Pass famous for the Gate of Haast and Thunder Creek Falls. To the north lie Lake Paringa and Bruce Bay. Beyond these are both Fox Glacier and Fanz Josef Glacier. This makes Lake Mokeraki an ideal traquil base from which to explore the West Coast of New Zealand.


Road: Lake Moeraki settlement is about 33km north of Haast on Highway 6, at the western end of the lake itself and about 88km south of Fox Glacier.

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