Photo By Peter Watts
Knights Point Lookout

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Knights Point Lookout - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

This panorama was taken from the Knights Point lookout on Highway 6. It was shot on wet and rainy day as a cyclone passed over South Island. The view along the coastline can be dramatic, on this day it was melancholy, shrouded in mist and very, very wet.

Knights Point Lookout - FURTHER INFORMATION

Knights Point Lookout - Haast visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Knights Point Lookout' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from West Coast.

Knights Point is just south of Lake Moeraki on the West Coast of New Zealand. It is famous as the meeting point for road crews working both north and south along the coast. This new road would link up the east and west coasts of New Zealand via both the Haast Pass to the south and Ross to the north, where the road previously terminated. There are toilets here and a display giving some information about the natural history of the coastline.

An obelisk at the site commemorates the achievement. Workers on the scheme named the point after Knight, a dog who belonged to a worker at the Ministry of Works. The official Ministry of Works records duly state that Knights Point was named after "the obscure dog of an obscure employee of the Ministry of Works." An act the prevented the site being named after a senior official at the time.


Road: Knights Point is about 28km north of Haast on Highway 6 as it climbs over a few hills before descending back to sea level. It is about 6km south of Lake Moeraki and 94km south of Fox Glacier.

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