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Fox Glacier Trail

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A panorama taken from the path leading to Fox Glacier. this image shows a view over the valley, with the tongue of the glacier at the far end. It was an overcast day, so much so that the morning helicopter rides up to the glacier had been canceled.


Fox Glacier Trail - Fox Glacier visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Fox Glacier Trail' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from West Coast.

It takes about 30 minutes to walk out to Fox Glacier from the car park along a gravel and dirt track. The track runs along the edge of the valley, a short way up the hill. Walking out into the valley is not recommended as sudden ice collapses within the glacier release large volumes of water from time to time and the river can suddenly change course without warning. The track ends at a roped-off viewing area a short distance from the glacier itself.

Guided tours up onto the glacier are available. These can be booked from a number of operators within the Fox Glacier Township. One of the most popular companies for this is Fox Glacier Guiding.


Fox Glacier car park is about 5km from Fox Glacier Township down a dirt track just south of the town. This is about 121km north of Haast, and about 24km south of Franz Josef Glacier.

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