Photo By Peter Watts
Havelock Creek

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Panorama taken form the embankment by Havelock Creek near Karangarua at dusk. Mist was rising from the trees and shrouded the mountains to the east. It was getting dark and there was no-one around.


Havelock Creek - Fox Glacier visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Havelock Creek' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from West Coast.

Havelock Creek, close to Karangarua on the West Coast of New Zealand, is just one of the many mountain streams that flow west on short journeys to the Tasman Sea. These streams flow over glacial alluvial plains and often either form, or join, other braided rivers en route. The are all crossed by Highway 6 on the journey north from Haast to Fox Glacier. The largest of them is the Haast River, crossed by the longest single lane bridge in New Zealand - the Haast Bridge.

See also Moss covered rocks at Havelock Creek.


Road: Havelock Creek Bridge is about 18km south of Fox Glacier Township and 103km north of Haast and 70km north of Lake Moeraki.

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