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Kaena Point State Park, Waianae Side Walk

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Kaena Point State Park, Waianae Side Walk - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Panorama taken on the walk to Kaena Point in Kaena State Park. This panorama shows the rocky and rugged coastline in the park and the dirt track, optimistically called part of Farrington Highway, but anyone trying to drive it would have to be insane. Kaena Point is to the northwest, and the rest of the Waianae Coast stretches away to the south.

Kaena Point State Park, Waianae Side Walk - FURTHER INFORMATION

Kaena Point State Park, Waianae Side Walk - Oahu visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Kaena Point State Park, Waianae Side Walk' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Hawaii.

Kaena Point State Park forms the northwest point of Oahu in Hawaii. The park wraps around the peninsula hugging the lower reaches of the volcanic hills. Kaena Point forms the boundary between the Waianea and Waialua Districts of Oahu. Within the park is an albatross breading colony and seals are often seen basking on the rocks. Kaena Point State Park is one of the best places on Oahu to see wildlife undisturbed.

Access to Kaena Point is not easy (there are no paved roads), meaning that those who make it out are rewarded to relative solitude. The western 2.7mile path starts at Makua Beach and follows a dirt track along the shoreline. This is washed out at one point requiring a scramble over rocks to continue. From the north, the parking point is near Ka'ena, about 3 miles form the point. Either way, make sure you carry a lot of water as there are no facilities or amenities anywhere within the park.

Kaena Point is popular with divers in the summer months, as the reef has a sharp dropoff to a depth of about 45 feet full of overhangs and caverns and several large Pukas. The only realistic way to dive Keana Point is via boat, with the nearest launch site at Waianae Small Boat Harbor.

In the winter months the coastline here is battered by massive waves, with 15m surf regularly reported. In 1998 several people reported waves 60-80 foot faces at Kaʻena Point. The area is full of dangerous rip tides and undercurrents. There are no lifeguard stations here.


Kaena Point State Park is at the northwest of Oahu, and accessed by the Farrington Highway from both the west and along the north. Gates to the park are about 7 miles north of Makaha on the Waianea Caost (west) and 8 miles west of Waialua on the northern shore.

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