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Kaena Point State Park

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A panorama taken from the walk to Kaena Point along the north shore. This picture shows the rugged rocky coastline backed by the northern ridge of the Waianae Mountains.

Kaena Point State Park - FURTHER INFORMATION

Kaena Point State Park - Oahu visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Kaena Point State Park' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Hawaii.

Kaena Point State Park forms the northwest point of Oahu in Hawaii. The park includes Kaena Point and wraps around about 9 miles of coastline, hugging the lower parts of the Waianae Mountains. The boundary between Waianea and Waialua Districts of Oahu starts at Kaena Point and runs along the top of the moutnains.

Few tourists (or even locals) make it out to Kaena Point as much of the park is closed to traffic. The point is a 3 mile walk from one of two gates at either Makua Beach on the Wai'anae side or near Ka'ena on the north shore. Those who do make it out are rewarded with spectacular views down both coastlines of Oahu and over the Pacific Ocean. Be careful to take plenty of water as there are no refreshments within the park and dehydration is a real problem on this 6 mile round trek.

Kaena Point is also important for conservations as there is a breeding albatross colony among the Kaena Point sand dunes, and sightings of gliding albatross are common. Visitors may also find seals playing in the water or basking among the rocks. Dolphins and the occasional whale may be seen out to sea.

Swimming along the shore is not recommended. Kaena Point and surrounding coastline are prone to strong rip tides and undertows. The shoreline is rocky, made of very abrasive lava. During the winter months the area experiences very large swells, which have been known to reach up to 60 feet in strong storms.

Kaena Point is a popular place with divers during the summer. The reef slopes gently from the shore to a depth of about 20 feet and then drops quickly to about 40 feet. This drop contains numerous caverns, overhangs and caves. There are also a few Pukas capable of holding a few divers at time. Diving here should always be guided, and requires a boat as shore access is not feasible given the walk from parking lots. The nearest boat launch site is at Waianae Small Boat Harbor.


Kaena Point State Park is at the northwest of Oahu, and accessed by the Farrington Highway from both the west and along the north. Gates to the park are about 7 miles north of Makaha at Makua Beach on the Waianea Caost (west) and 8 miles west of Waialua on the northern shore.

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