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Graz (Landeszeughaus - Graz Armoury)

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Graz - Graz visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Graz' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Styria.

A guide and map of Graz in Austria showing some of the local sights and attractions. This guide is made of 360° panoramas taken around the city of Graz linked to Google maps. Each panorama is accompanied by local information.

Graz is the second largest city in Austria after Vienna and the capital city of the Styria region. It is an historic town with much important architecture. The Old Town was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1999.

Graz - Tourist Attractions

The tourist information centre is on Herrengasse, it contains good maps, information and hotel reservation services in many languages. Top attractions in Graz include:
  • Schloss Eggenberg - one of the most important Baroque palace in Austria, surrounded by gardens and famous for the State Rooms.
  • Landeszeughaus - Graz Armoury, containing the largest collection of Medieval armour and weapons on earth.
  • Schlossberg - hill right in the centre of the city on which are the remains of Graz castle with stunning panoramic views over the ciyt, and the Grazer Uhrturm (Clock Tower)
  • Kunsthaus Graz - main art gallery in Graz.
  • Burg - old palace, surrounded by the Burggarten and containing a famous Double Spiral Staircase.
  • Landhaus Cortyard - a masterpiece of Italian Renaissance architecture
  • Cathedral - built between 1438 and 1464 by Kaiser Friedrich III.
  • Mausoleum - most significant Hapsburg tomb, commissioned by Kaiser Ferdinand II.
  • Glockenspiel - town clock with dancing, wooden figures at 11am, 3pm and 6pm.
  • Stadtpfarrkirche (City Parish Church) - Gothic church with protraits of Hitler and Mussolini in the stained glass windows.
  • Franziskanerkirche - oldest monastery in Graz, founded in 1239 for the Minorites.
  • Murinsel - floating cafe built on the Mur river in 2003.
  • Palais Attems - Baroque palace built in 1702 with authentic stucco ceilings and original wall panelling.
  • Mariatrost Basilica - 18th century church built on a hill on the edge of Graz.
  • Herz-Jesu-Kirche (Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus) - Neogothic church built between 1881 to 1887, the largest church in Graz.
  • Kloster d. Lazaristen - with a beautiful church building.
  • Shopping and Eating - Graz is full of hidden squares, like Bermuda Triangle and streets lined with boutique shops and an enviable number of cafe's and patisseries scattered around the center with al-fresco dining.
  • Parks - Graz has many open spaces, the most popular of which are the Stadtpark, Burgarten, Augarten and Voklsgarten.


Graz Tourist Information Office
Herrengasse 16
A-8010 Graz
Phone: +43/316/8075-0


Flight: Graz airport (IATA: GRZ)
Train: Hauptbahnhof station with direct connections with Vienna, Salzburg and Munich as well as other cities in Switzerland, Slovenia and Hungary.
Road: Graz is on the A9 and A2 routes.

Recent Local Panoramas

Doppelwendeltreppe Graz
Doppelwendeltreppe Graz / Graz
Schloss Eggenberg - Courtyard
Schloss Eggenberg - Courtyard / Graz
Tegetthoffplatz / Graz
Stadtpark Franz Joseph Fountain
Stadtpark Franz Joseph Fountain / Graz
Stadtpark Montclair Allee
Stadtpark Montclair Allee / Graz
Mausoleum Belltower
Mausoleum Belltower / Graz
Mariahilferkirche / Graz
Opera House Graz
Opera House Graz / Graz


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