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Schlossberg, looking down west

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Schlossberg, looking down west - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Schlossberg, Blick richtung Westen, direkt von der Schlossbergbahn-Bergstation aus, Winter

Schlossberg, looking down west - FURTHER INFORMATION

Schlossberg, looking down west - Graz visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Schlossberg, looking down west' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Styria.

This panorama shows the view over Graz in Austria from the Schloßberg (Schlossberg). The word Schloßberg means 'Castle Mountain' was Graz Castle. The area is now a series of gardens and contains some of the most popular tourist attractions in Graz. Among the things to see on the Schlossberg, aside from sweeping panoramic views over the city, are the Grazer Uhrturm (Clock Tower), one of the main landmarks of Graz, the remains of Thomas Chapel, Canon Hütte (Hut Canon), The War Climb, Turk Wells, Chinese Pavilion and Bishops Chair. Also at the top is a restaurant


Schloßberg train: A funicular train running from Kaiser-Franz-Josef Kai-up to the casemates and the Schloßberg restaurant.
Lift: Schloßberglift
Tram: Schlossbergplatz/Murinsel (Sackstraße)‎ (4, 5, 12)
Bus: Schlossbergplatz/Murinsel (Sackstraße)‎ (N5, SE5), Schlossbergrestaurant‎ (SBB)

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