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Peak District (Cordwell Valley)

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Peak District - Peak District visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Peak District' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Derbyshire.

The Peak District is a beautiful part of central and northern England, mostly lying within Derbyshire, but also covering parts of Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Staffordshire, and South and West Yorkshire. Within it lies the Peak District National Park, the oldest National Park in the UK.

The Peak District is traditionally split into the northern Dark Peak, covered mostly in gritstone and moorland, and the southern White Peak mostly made of limestone. Most of the population lives in the White Peak area. The Peak District National Park is a popular worldwide destination for those seeking walking, climbing, cycling and other outdoor pursuits. With over 22 million visitors each year, the Peak District is one of the most visited park areas in the world (second only to Mount Fuji National Park in Japan).

This map and guide of the Peak District will help you explore some of the rugged beauty, sights, attractions, towns and villages in the area. Here you will find beautiful 360 panoramas taken by various photographers who live in or have visited the region. Each panorama is accompanied by some local and travel information giving you an oversight into the park and people.

Recent Local Panoramas

Street scene Heptonstall
Street scene Heptonstall / Heptonstall
Heptonstall Parish Church
Heptonstall Parish Church / Heptonstall
Heptonstall Parish Church Ruins
Heptonstall Parish Church Ruins / Heptonstall
Heptonstall Parish Church
Heptonstall Parish Church / Heptonstall
Sylvia Plath's Grave
Sylvia Plath's Grave / Heptonstall
Whaley Cricket Pitch
Whaley Cricket Pitch / Whaley Bridge
Todmorden Canal Walkway
Todmorden Canal Walkway / Todmorden
Todmorden Canal
Todmorden Canal / Todmorden


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