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Bridge of Charles V over the River Tajo

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Bridge of Charles V over the River Tajo - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Brigde of Charles V over the Tajo River.

Bridge of Charles V over the River Tajo - FURTHER INFORMATION

Bridge of Charles V over the River Tajo - Caceres visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Bridge of Charles V over the River Tajo' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Extremadura.

This virtual tour panorama shows a view of the Tagus River taken from the Charles V bridge, just south of Almaraz in Extremadura in Spain. Almaraz is home to the Central Nuclear de Almaraz (Almaraz Nuclear Power Plant) and is near to Caceres.

Known to the locals as Albalat Bridge, it was first built by Emperor Carlos I in the 16th century. The Spanish destroyed it in 1809 to prevent the advance of the French during the Peninsular War. It has been rebuilt, but is little used, surpassed by the nearby A5 / E10 highway. A little further along this track is another small bridge next to the ruins of a 10th century Arabic Citaldel.

The Tagus River is the longest river on the Iberian Peninsula. Known as the 'Tajo' in Spanish and 'Tejo' in Portuguese, it originates in Fuente de García in the Albarracín Mountains of Spain and then flows some 1040km west through Spain and Portugal before entering the Atlantic Ocean at Lisbon where it is spanned by Vasco da Gama Bridge, the longest bridge in Europe. There are several important hydroelectric dams along the course of the river and the Tagus provides drinking water to many cities, towns and villages.


Car: Albalat bridge is about 5km south of Almaraz. Almaraz is about 160km east of Portugal, 95km from Cáceres and 80km west of Talavera de la Reina.

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