Photo By Peter Watts
Railway Bridge over Labasa River

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Railway Bridge over Labasa River - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Panorama taken from the middle of the disused railway bridge over Labasa River in Vanua Levu, Fiji. Taken a few days after the passing of a tropical cyclone, the skies are still heavy with cloud. Getting out on the bridge was fun, some of the sleepers were missing and there was nothing below except a drop into brown water.

Railway Bridge over Labasa River - FURTHER INFORMATION

Railway Bridge over Labasa River - Vanua Levu visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Railway Bridge over Labasa River' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Vanua Levu.

At one time trains were used to transport sugar cane from plantations around Labasa on the northern side of Vanua Levu in Fiji to the mills and port. The railway is now disused, but parts of the infrastructure still remain. This decaying railway bridge crosses Labasa River in the heart of Labasa. It's use has been superseded by trucks and vans.


The old railway bridge is close to Labasa Bus Station.

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