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Wassenaar Downtown

Wassenaar Downtown - FURTHER INFORMATION

Wassenaar Downtown - The Hague visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Wassenaar Downtown' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Zuid Holland.

Wassenaar is a wealthy suburb of The Hague, about 10km north of the city center near the North Sea. The inhabitants of Wassenaar are known as 'Wassenaarders'. This panorama shows one of the cobbled squares in downtown Wassenaar.

Since the time of Prince Frederik the area has been the official base of the House of Wassenaer (Van Wassenaer), the Dutch royal family. Various current members of the Royal Family live in the villa Eikenhorst at the estate De Horsten in Wassenaar. Princess Alexia was baptized in the 12th century Romanesque church within Wassenaar, built on the landing site of Northumbrian missionary Willibrord when he visited the Netherlands. Wassenaar is also the location of numerous ambassadorial residences with the Netherlands.

Those visiting Wassenaar will find that the town center is lined with high-end shops, boutiques and various cafes and delicatessens and bakeries. Around the town are several parks and a network of bicycle paths. Wassenaar beach (Wassenaarseslag) has some remenants of the Atlantic wall (Atlantikwall), a coastal defensive system built by the Germans in WWII. The remains of these tunnels and bunkers are now a bat sanctuary and open at times to the public during the summer.


From The Hague take the N44 north for about 10km to Wassenaar.

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