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Edinburgh Castle - Middle Ward

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Edinburgh Castle - Middle Ward - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Panorama showing part of the Middle Ward of Edinburgh Castle. This view shows Foog's Gate, which leads to the Upper Ward, and various museum buildings and barracks.

Edinburgh Castle - Middle Ward - FURTHER INFORMATION

Edinburgh Castle - Middle Ward - Edinburgh visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Edinburgh Castle - Middle Ward' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Lothian.

The Middle Ward of Edinburgh Castle occupies the area between the Portcullis Gate (under Argyle Tower) and Foog's Gate. Within this area are numerous barracks, houses, museums and gun batteries. Highlights of the Middle Ward include:

  • Argyle Battery and Panoramic Viewpoint
  • Governors House
  • One o'Clock Gun
  • National War Museum
  • Western Panorama
  • New Barracks
  • Royal Scots Dragoon Guard Regimental Museum
  • Royal Scots Regimental Museum
  • Military Prison
  • Dury's Battery

The Middle Ward is linked to the Upper Ward either through Foog's Gate or Lang Stairs, next to Argyle Tower. The date of construction of Foog's Gate, visible in this picture, is unknown, but the perimeter wall built during the reign of King Charles II (1649-85) when the castle defenses were enhanced. Rising above the wall of the Upper Ward you can see the Scottish National War Memorial building. The Royal Scots Regimental Museum is to the right of Foog's Gate, partially obscured by a low wall. On the left of the gate is one of the castle's reservoir buildings, essential during sieges.


Edinburgh Castle


Bus: 24 to Lawnmarket.
Walk: Edinburgh Castle is at the western end of the Royal Mile, which leads down east to the Palace of Holyroodhouse and the Scottish Parliament. This is about 15 minutes walk from Waverley Station and the Tourist Information Centre.

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