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Carrizo Plain near the San Andreas Fault

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Carrizo Plain near the San Andreas Fault - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Looking from San Andreas Fault area south of Wallace Creek.

Carrizo Plain near the San Andreas Fault - FURTHER INFORMATION

Carrizo Plain near the San Andreas Fault - Carrizo Plain National Monument visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Carrizo Plain near the San Andreas Fault' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from California.

The Carrizo Plain cover an area about 50 miles by 15 miles in San Luis Obispo County, California. The plains are home to the Carrizo Plain National Monument and contain the largest native grassland in California. The Carrizo Plain is about 100 miles northwest of Los Angeles. The San Andreas Fault runs through the plain.

Most of the attractions within the plains are natural. Information about the park can be obtained from the Guy L. Goodwin Education Center. Highlights include Painted Rock, which is very fragile and not to be climbed upon or touched, Wallace Creek and Soda Lake.

Wallace Creek is dry most of the year. When flowing, it runs perpendicular to the San Andreas Fault and drains into Soda Lake. The creek bed is currently offset by 130m due to previous movement of the fault. The current segment of Wallace Creek began forming about 3,700 years ago. Nearby are two older segments which lie between 400 and 500m northwest along the fault and date from about 13,000 years and 11,000 years ago.


Via Soda Lake Road, a gravel track, which connects the 166 at the southern entrance to the Carrizo Plain with route 58 to the north. Soda Lake Road my not be passable after rain.

Visitors Warning: Those wishing to visit Carrizo Plain should take note that there are few amenities and no facilities within the plain. Make sure you take plenty of water and other supplies. The nearest gas stations are in Maricopa and Santa Margarita. Portable toilets can be found at Overlook, Selby Campground, KCL Campground and the Traver's Ranch. There is no mobile phone signal anywhere within the plain and the nearest public phone is in California Valley, 15 miles north of the Goodwin Education Center.

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