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Gellert Statue - Dobrentei ter

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Gellert Statue - Dobrentei ter - FURTHER INFORMATION

Gellert Statue - Dobrentei ter - Budapest visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Gellert Statue - Dobrentei ter' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Central Hungary.

An artificial waterfall overlooks Döbrentei ter in Budapest. At the top of this is a statue of Saint Gellért carrying a cross overlooking Budapest. The Gellert Statue is in the Buda side of the Erzsebet hid (Elizabeth Bridge).

The hill on which the statue stands is known as Gellért Hill (Gellérthegy), and the saint has also lent his name to the famous 4* Hotel Gellért. There is a Cave Church built into Gellért Hill. This is the largest hill in Budapest, and thus the prime site for the Citadel and the Liberty Statue, which can be seen from just about anywhere in Budapest.

Budapest Travel and Transport
27 bus from Móricz Zsigmond ter
10 minutes walk from the Elizabeth Bridge (Erzsébet hid), or from the St. Gellért Square (Szt. Gellért tér) up Gellért Hill.

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