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Stirling Castle

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Panorama taken from one of the courtyards at Stirling Castle. The picture shows the Forework and entrance to the Outer Close of the castle.


Stirling Castle - Stirling visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Stirling Castle' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Stirlingshire.

Stirling Castle is the main tourist attraction of Stirling. Standing on top of the volcanic crag overlooking the town, this is one of the most important castles in Scotland, both historically and architecturally. It is surrounded on three sides by steep cliffs and, until the 1930's, stood next to the furthest downstream crossing of the River Forth.

Stirling Castle Highlights: This guide has several 360° panoramas taken at various points around Stirling Castle each with a description of what can be found there. Either follow the links here or use the icons on the map of Stirling to explore. Enter the castle under the watchful gaze of the Overlook Battery, through the Castle Forework gate to the Outer Close. Here you will find the Great Hall, Great Kitchen, Three Gun Battery and remains of the Elphinstone Tower.

Proceed through the Great Hall to the Inner Close where you will find the Chapel Royal, Royal Palace and Old King's Building (housing the Regimental Museum) around the close. Next to it is the Douglas Garden.

Near the front of the castle is the Bowling Green Garden and, under the Front Parapet is the Castle Exhibition and museum. At the rear of the castle is the Nether Bailey, one of the less well visited, but relaxing parts of Stirling Castle.

Other Information: Stirling Castle is first mentioned around 1110 and Alexander I died here in 1124. It has been subjected to at least eight sieges, with several of these during the Scottish Wars of Independence when it changed hands several times. It has been the site of several coronations of Scottish kings and queens, including Mary, Queen of Scots, in 1543.

Stirling Castle is managed by Historic Scotland and open to the public. Entrance fees apply. This is the most popular attraction in Stirling, and gets very busy at peak times. The Royal Palace within the castle is currently closed for refurbishment and expected to re-open in 2011.


Stirling Castle
Stirling, FK8 1EJ


The route to Stirling Castle is marked along back streets ascending through the Old Town to the Esplanade in Stirling. Parking available at the end of the Esplanade.

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