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Dean Cemetery

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Panorama taken from Dean Cemetery in Edinburgh.


Dean Cemetery - Edinburgh visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Dean Cemetery' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Lothian.

The Dean Cemetery lies to the wast of Dean Village, next to the Dean Gallery in Edinburgh. It occupies the site of Dean House, which was built in 1614 and demolished in 1845. Some stonework from the house is incorporated into the south terrace wall supporting the edge of the cemetery. The cemetery became the burial site of choice for the middle and upper classes of Edinburgh, and contains many elaborate gravestones and monuments.

Dean Cemetery was laid out in an informal style, designed by David Cousin who is also buried here. Other graves of interest include Thomas Bonnar (designer, 1810-73), Sir Thomas Bouch (disgraced engineer, 1822-90), Samuel Bough (artist, 1822-78), Sir James Caird (industrialist, 1837 - 1916), David Octavius Hill (photographer, 1802-70), Elsie Inglis (medical reformer, 1864 - 1917), Sir Hector MacDonald (Major-General, 1853 - 1903), Robert Thomson (inventor, 1822-73) and Professor John Wilson (author, 1785 - 1854).

The cemetery is still active, conducting about 35 burials a year. It is managed by the Dean Cemetery Trust. It bounded by Dean Path and Ravelston Terrace and Dean Path.


Dean Cemetery
Dean Path
Phone: 0131-332 1496


Bus: Dean Gallery, Belford Bridge.
Dean is just over a mile from Edinburgh (Waverley) Station and the Tourist Information Centre. The easiest way to walk there is west along Princes Street, continue past St John's Church onto Shandwick Place. Turn right onto Queensferry Road, left onto Bells Brae just before Dean Bridge and then over the Water of Leith and up Dean Path.

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