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Albert Bridge

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Panorama taken from Albert Bridge looking down the River Thames towards Battersea Park and Chelsea Bridge.


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Albert Bridge crosses the River Thames in London joining Chelsea on the north with Battersea and Battersea Park, lying between between Battersea Bridge and Chelsea Bridge on the river. The bridge is often considered the prettiest bridge in the city, though it is not as popular a tourist attraction as Tower Bridge, and has not been replaced since it was first built, unlike most other London road bridges.

The current colour scheme of Albert Bridge has contributed to it's popularity as a tourist attraction. The pink, blue and green colour scheme was introduced in 1992 to increase visibility to shipping. Previously the bridge had been painted either yellow or green. In addition, Albert Bridge is illuminated at night by 4,000 low-voltage lights making it the most attractive bridge in London with reflections cast on the river below.

In many ways, Albert Bridge is a history of mistakes. The original build, designed by Rowland Mason Ordish, resulted in a Ordish-Lefeuvre Principle modified cable-stayed bridge which opened in 1873. This design proved structurally flawed and 10 years later Sir Joseph Bazalgette added elements of a suspension bridge. The bridge proved unable to cope with increasing demand and weight of modern traffic and concrete piers were added to either end in 1978. The weight limit of vehicles crossing the bridge today is 2 tonnes.

Albert Bridge was set up as a toll bridge, managed by the Albert Bridge Company. However, the company had been forced to also buy Battersea Bridge and the arrangement proved unviable, and in 1877 the Metropolis Toll Bridges Act saw transfer of all the bridges on the Thames between Hammersmith Bridge and Waterloo Bridge into government hands whereupon the tolls were scrapped. The original toll gates still stand on the bridge.


Bus: Albert Bridge
Ferry: Cadogan Pier
Tube: Pimlico (Victoria Line)
Train: Battersea Park Railway Station, Queenstown Road Battersea Rail Station

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