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Piz Gloria Restaurant

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Piz Gloria Restaurant - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Panorama taken outside the Piz Gloria Restaurant at the top of the Schilthorn mountain in Switzerland. In the picture you can see a cable car coming up the mountain and view down west over the Bernese Alps.

Piz Gloria Restaurant - FURTHER INFORMATION

Piz Gloria Restaurant - Jungfrau visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Piz Gloria Restaurant' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Bernese Oberland.

The Piz Gloria is one of the highest revolving restaurants in the world. It stands 2,970m high on top of the Schilthorn mountain in the Jungfrau mountain area of the Bernese Oberland Alps in Switzerland. The restauarant has a capacity for 400 people and revolves 360° in about an hour giving diners stunning panoramic views over the surrounding peaks.

The Piz Gloria featured strongly in the James Bond film 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' as the secret headquarters of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, head of SPECTRE, built on the top of 'Piz Gloria'. At the time of filming the restaurant was only partially completed and the company had to airlift all supplies to the top of the Schilthorn. After the success of the film the restaurant decided to keep the name, and as a tribute to the role of the Bond film in it's success, there is a 007 exhibition in the lower floors of the Piz Gloria restaurant.

On clear days the views from Piz Gloria stretch as far as Mont Blanc, taking in the Jura mountains and Vosges Mountains. Closer to home are the peaks of Titlis (3238m), Jungfrau (4158m), Mönch (4107m), Eiger (3970m), Morgenhorn (3623m), Weisse Frau (3630m), Blümlisalp (3657m) and Hundshorn (2928m).

The Piz Gloria is a popular destination both with skiers in the winter and mountain walkers in the summer. Once a year about 1,500 skiers gather on the slopes just below the Piz Gloria to take part in the Inferno Ski Race, one of the oldest and longest ski races in the world. The Inferno covers a 10 mile track through all kinds of ski terrain descending some 2,200m and ending near the Hotel Schützen in Lauterbrünnen . Winning times today are around 15 minutes, but when it was first started by the English skier Sir Arnold Lunn in 1928, the winning time was about 1 hour 12 minutes. A woman came fourth in the first race, in spite of loosing 10 minutes aiding another skier in distress. The Inferno Ski Race has run every year since WWII.

Aside from the black Schilthorn ski run, which can be walked in the summer, the only way down from the Schilthorn is the cable car back to Birg. These panoramas are also displayed on this Jungfrau Ski and Piste Map where you will find more information about this ski resort.


Cable Car: Mürren-Schilthorn Cable Car.

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