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Caramulinho is the highest point of the Caramulo mountain range with an elevation of nearly 1100 metres. From this viewpoint, you can see Serra da Estrela (the highest continental Portuguese elevation) and the Atlantic Ocean, under perfect weather conditions (sunny sky is not enough). This mountain features wind towers prominently, which can been seen tens of kilometres away.


Caramulinho - Viseu visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Caramulinho' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Beira Interior.

Caramulinho stands a short distance southwest of Caramulo village in the Serra do Caramulo of northern Portugal. The mountains here are renowned for good air, walking and adventure sports. There are numerous health spas in the area, like the Caramulo Spa in Caramulo itself. The best time to visit the area is in the spring, when the mountains are covered in alpine flowers. It is popular with locals, within easy driving distance of Coimbra, Viseu or Aveiro.

At 105m, the top of Caramulinho is the highest point in the range. It can only be reached by foot, but on a good day the views stretch as far as the Serra da Estrela and Atlantic Ocean. The hills are covered with Roman walking paths crossed by mountain streams. Caramulinho is famous among gliders for the 'Caramulinho Slide' which starts here and drops some 300m over the Vale de Besteiros to green fields below. Other sports adventure sports, like white water rafting and mountain biking, can be booked thorugh 'Desafios do Caramulo' (Challenges of the Caramulo), a local adventure company.

Other attractions in the area include Cabeço da Neve (800m) viewpoint to the east accessible by car, Jueus village just south of Caramulinho with stone buildings and a traditional village church, Caramulo Museum which has a 1911 Rolls Royce and other antique cars. 20km to the north is Loendros Botanical Reserve.


Drive: Caramulinho just north of Jueus, some 4km southwest of Caramulo. It is about 35km southwest of Viseu and 71km east of Aveiro.

Filipe Freitas - 29 Aug, 2009 13:45
PS - You can see a forest fire!
Filipe Freitas - 29 Aug, 2009 13:44
Thank you Peter!
Unfortunately, the ocean couldn't be seen because of smog looking horizon when the weather is hot. The ocean can only been seen in a sunny day right after a rainy day. I shall return there in those conditions someday!
Peter Watts - 29 Aug, 2009 10:43
Fantastic picture. Was the weather good enough to see as far as the Atlantic when you were there?

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