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Rosslyn Castle

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Panorama showing the ruined remains of Rosslyn Castle and a view over Roslin Glen in Scotland. As seen in the picture, the approach to the castle is well above the trees of the glen below, it must have been a dramatic sight when the building was intact.


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Rosslyn Castle (Roslin Castle) is a hidden secret of Roslin in Scotland. Hidden by trees close to the Rosslyn Chapel, the ruined castle is little visited. It is built in Roslin Glen on top of a rocky promontory overlooking River North Esk, which, until the advent of the cannon, provided a very strong defensive position. Today, part of the ruins are still habitable and are used as holiday accommodation.

The first castle was built here in the 1330s for Henry Sinclair, Earl of Orkney near the site of the Battle of Roslin. During the Middle Ages the castle acted as a scriptorium. The castle was badly burned by fire during the War of the Rough Wooing in 1544. Rebuilt, the castle was again damaged by Cromwell's artillery and fell into dilapidation.

Parts of the castle have been restored recently. Visitors are greeted by a new bridge giving access to the remains of the north range and entrance arch, seen in this panoramic image. Parts of the west range wall can be explored. Much of the east range, still intact to a considerable height, is closed to the public and used as holiday accommodation.


Bus: From Waverley Station to Original Rosslyn Hotel.
Road: Roslin is about 7 miles from the center of Edinburgh on the A701. Parking available either at Rosslyn Chapel or Roslin Glen car parks.

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