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This famous Victorian fort located at the entrance to Weymouth Harbour was built in 1872 to protect the Royal Navy base at Portland Harbour. The fort later played an important role in World War II, but was eventually abandoned in 1956.
The fort is now a museum on three levels with a labyrinth of underground passageways, and outdoor areas with stunning views of the Jurassic Coast as seen here. It was an excellent vantage point for watching the sailing events at the 2012 Olympics.


Nothe Fort - Weymouth visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Nothe Fort' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Dorset.

Northe Fort is a major tourist attraction in Weymouth, situated at the end of the Northe Peninsula at the entrance to Weymouth Harbour in Dorset. The fort has three levels with a museum and various changing exhibitions and displays. Today the fort is manned by Nothe Fort Artillery, a group of volunteers in period costume giving various displays for the public about the fort in Victorian times.

The lowest level contained the magazine, above this the middle level housed up to 12 heavy muzzle loaded cannons and soldier accommodation. The top level contained the ramparts and elevated platforms for small arms fire. It was first manned by the No.2 Battery Royal Artillery.

Over the following 80 years the weaponry and structure of the fort were upgraded several times as Northe Fort expanded to also provide protection to Portland Harbour and Weymouth Bay. The navy sold the fort in 1961 and it was then used for a time as a nuclear bunker.

Northe Fort is available for hire and is a popular venue for wedding receptions and private parties, offering stunning views along the Jurassic Coast, next to Northe Gardens.


Northe Fort
Barrack Road


Car: Northe Fort is at the end of Barrack Road. There is car parking nearby. It is about a miles walk from Weymouth Beach and the Tourist Information Centre.

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