The Old Harbour of Dubrovnik from the southern jetty

The Old Harbour of Dubrovnik from the southern jetty - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

This view of the old harbour of Dubrovnik is from the end of the southern jetty. The massive building at the entrance to the harbour is St. John's Fort, then follows part of the famous city wall which completely surrounds the old city, and can be walked along for its entire length. Looking back along the jetty, is the Rector's Palace.

The Old Harbour of Dubrovnik from the southern jetty - FURTHER INFORMATION

The Old Harbour of Dubrovnik from the southern jetty - Dubrovnik visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'The Old Harbour of Dubrovnik from the southern jetty' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Dubrovnik-Neretva.

Dubrovnik harbour generated much of the wealth on which the city is founded. The city grew in importance in the 16th century, with most of the trade passing through the famous Sponza Palace. Dubrovnik grew to rival Venice as a city state and built Fort Lovrijenac nearby for protection. The Old City, in which the harbour is located, has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many of the surrounding buildings were damaged during the 1667 earthquake.

Today, Dubrovnik Harbour is home to a flotilla of sailing yachts and pleasure boats. There is a marina here and it is possible to hire / charter yachts for cruises around the Adriatic and to various nearby islands. A number of operators also offer cruises around the harbour and along the nearby coast, a very popular tourist attraction during the summer months.

Dubrovnik is the most popular travel destination in Croatia, with 11 of the top, luxury hotels in the country found here.


Drive: Dubrovnik Harbour lies with in the Old City district, which is pedestrianised. The nearest parking is on Iza Grada, the road that encircles the northern walls of the Old City.

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