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Baker Street Tube

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Panorama showing part of Baker Street Tube taken from the junction of Baker Street and Marylebone Road. This is a very busy junction, so shooting this virtual tour image was not easy.


Baker Street Tube - London visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Baker Street Tube' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Greater London.

Baker Street in London is famous for many things. It was one of the first stations on the oldest underground system in the world. It is very close to Madam Taussauds, one of the most popular tourist attractions in London. The station is intrinsically associated with the fictional Sherlock Holmes, who lived at 221b, the station tiles carry a profile of the sleuth, and the Sherlock Holmes Museum is a short distance away up Baker Street. Just past this museum is the boating lake of Regents Park.

Baker Street tube opened on the 10th January 1863 after 9 years building the line between Paddington and Farringdon Street. That day over 40,000 people traveled the line, the carriages leaving every 10 minutes and being pulled by steam locomotives. This marks the beginnings of the London Tube System, which is the oldest urban underground rail network in the world. The only surviving underground steam locomotive can be seen at the London Transport Museum.

Baker Street itself is a very busy shopping area stretching down from Regents Park to Oxford Street, coming out near to Selfridges and Marble Arch. At the height of the tourist season there is no such thing as rush hour at Baker Street. Vast numbers of people use the sation on their way to the nearby attractions.

The London Underground Lost and Found office is located next to Baker Street station, whose large, and sometimes weird, collection of misplaced items form a a bizarre diary of the lives of those who use the London public transport system. Aside from the obligatory hand bag and umbrella, other items handed in include outboard motors, false eyes and even skeletons. The lost and found collection represents a mini-catalogue of manufacturing and consumer items throughout the ages. Those not reclaimed are auctioned off.


Bus: Baker Street / Marylebone Road
Tube: Baker Street (Bakerloo, Jubilee, Circle, Metropolitan and Hammersmith & City lines), Zone 1

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