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A 200 metre-deep gorge cut by the River Trient at Vernayaz near to Martigny in the Swiss canton of Valais. This is the view from the foot-bridge which crosses the gorge as part of the 700-meter-long gangway following the thundering mountain stream into the narrow gorge. The pathway consists mainly of wooden steps, sometimes very steep and clinging precariously to the near vertical rock face.


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The Gorges du Trient (Trient Gorge) is one of the tourist attractions near Martigny and Vernayaz in Switzerland. The 200m deep gorge was formed over thousands of years by the River Trient as it descends to the Rhone River on the valley floor, which flows north to Lake Geneva. Visiting the Gorges du Trient is relatively easy, as walkways have been constructed attached to the gorge wall allowing access. These walkways at time seem precarious, and can be slippery when wet.

Water flow in the Gorges du Trient is seasonal, highest in the spring time. The Trient River is mostly fed by melt water from the Trient Glacier, about 3100m high up on the Mont Blanc Massif. Flow rates during the summer are linked to the melting of the Trient Glacier, which is shrinking rapidly and in 2007 was 4.3km long.


Gorges du Trient
1904 Vernayaz
Wallis, Switzerland
Phone: +41 (0)27 764 16 13


Car: Gorges du Trient are about 1km south of the center of Vernayaz, about 4km north of Martigny on the 9 / 21 road.
Train: Vernayaz MC

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