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Rosslyn Chapel Front

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Virtual tour panorama taken outside the front of Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland. The visitor entrance to the chapel is round to the left. Photography is not permitted inside the chapel itself.

Rosslyn Chapel Front - FURTHER INFORMATION

Rosslyn Chapel Front - Roslin visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Rosslyn Chapel Front' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Midlothian.

Rosslyn Chapel is one of the most popular tourist attractions around . Situated on a hill just outside village in Lothian, Rosslyn Chapel attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. It is managed by the Rosslyn Chapel Trust, and entrance fees apply. There are regular, timed guided tours, which are well worth taking to make more sense of the complex, carved symbolism found inside. The chapel has undergone extensive restoration works over the past years to prevent collapse.

Rosslyn Chapel was meant to be just part of a much larger cathedral church. Construction began under William Sinclair, 1st Earl of Caithness in 1456 after he had built nearby accommodation for workers. While some of the foundations of the larger cathedral were laid, only the Choir and retro-chapel were completed, giving the chapel today.

Rosslyn Chapel Highlights

  • Apprentice Pillar - named after an 18th century story in which a master mason travelled to get inspiration for the pillar. On his return he found that his apprentice had produced this unparalleled masterpiece and kills him in a fit of rage. The head of the master mason is carved forever gazing upon the object of his jealousy.
  • 'Musical' boxes carvings - 213 cubes or boxes protruding from pillars and arches with carved symbols on them. These are thought to possibly represent musical notations, but have never satisfactorily deciphered.
  • Green Men carvings - Faces surrounded by greenery. A pre-Christian symbol of rebirth and fertility. Rosslyn Chapel has the highest number of Green Men carving of any church in Scotland.
  • 'Ears of corn' carvings - Carvings that may represent ears of maize, at time unknown in Europe giving rise to a story that the St.Clairs visited the New World hundreds of years before Columbus. They could also represent ears of wheat or lilies, well known in Europe at the time.
  • Crypt - The crypt of Rosslyn Chapel was the burial place for several generations of the St. Clairs. It was sealed for many centuries and has been proposed in myth as the location of the mummified head of Jesus Christ, the Holy Grail, Knight Templar treasure and the original crown jewels of Scotland. It contains none of the above.
  • Rosslyn Chapel Roof - roof level walkway around the outside showing the stonework. Accessible while renovations are carried out.
Interest in Rosslyn Chapel greatly increased after the release of 'DaVinci Code' in 2006, and the chapel gets very busy at peak periods. It is best visited first thing in the morning.


Rosslyn Chapel Trust
Rosslyn Chapel
Chapel Loan
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Bus: From Waverley Station to Original Rosslyn Hotel.
Road: Roslin is about 7 miles from the center of Edinburgh on the A701. Parking available either at Rosslyn Chapel or Roslin Glen car parks.

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