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Cathedral de Palma de Mallorca

Cathedral de Palma de Mallorca - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Panorama taken inside the Cathedral de Palma de Mallorca, showing the high, vaulted ceilings and stained glass windows within the church. This picture was taken part way down the main cathedral nave.

Cathedral de Palma de Mallorca - FURTHER INFORMATION

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The Cathedral de Palma de Mallorca, also known as 'La Seu', is an cathedral church built on the site of a former Arab mosque. This Gothic cathedral is one of the top tourist attractions in the heart of Palma on Mallorca, visible for miles around and overlooking the Parc de Mar.

'La Seu' cathedral is 121 metres long and 55 metres wide. The nave is 44m high. The cathedral was founded by King James I of Aragon in 1229 but took nearly 400 years to complete, finishing in 1601. Palma Cathedral has an unusual orientation, facing Mecca instead of Jerusalem, due to being built on the foundations of the former mosque. The mosque was not destroyed straight away, but used as a place of Christian worship while construction on the cathedral started to the east. It was designed by Jaume Mates and built out of the best Mallorcan sandstone. The design was ambitious with 24 vaulted, and almost collapsed as the supporting pillars were not initially large enough and had to be widened.

The cathedral has had a chequered history, in 1698 a section collapsed, was rebuilt and promptly collapsed again. In the 1850's a restoration project for the cathedral started. This was taken over by Antoni Gaudí in 1901 but never completed as Gaudí abandoned the project after arguing with contractors in 1914.

Highlights to the cathedral include the 'Mirador portal', the the huge arched entrance half way along the façade resplendent with Gothic sculptures. The main façade faces the Almudaina Palace and, apart from the portal, was totally destroyed during an earthquake in 1851 and rebuilt.

Inside the cathedral has three naves resting on 44-meter tall octagonal pillars. Eight chapels line the side of each nave and the church lacks both a transept and ambulatory. At the rear is the 'Royal Chapel', built with the bequest of James I, almost as big as a church in itself and housing the tombs of King James II and III. Above the main altar of the cathedral, which dates from 1346, is a massive wrought-iron chandelier created by Gaudí.

Off to one side is the Treasury, housed in two capitular rooms dominated by a monumental churrigueresque-style door. Inside are many priceless items like the enormous gold-plated silver monstrance, elaborately etched in Gothic style, and two large baroque candelabras made of silver and weighing 250 kilo each made at the beginning of the 18th century among other artefacts.


Catedral de Palma de Mallorca
Plaza de Almoina S/N
07001 Palma (Mallorca), Spain
971 72 31 30


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