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Pueblo Espanyol - Spanish Village

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Pueblo Espanyol - Spanish Village - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Virtual tour panorama of a courtyard in the Spanish Village (Pueblo Espanyol) in Palma. This picture shows some of the various architectural styles found in the Spanish Village, and tables outside the cafes in the square below.

Pueblo Espanyol - Spanish Village - FURTHER INFORMATION

Pueblo Espanyol - Spanish Village - Palma de Mallorca visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Pueblo Espanyol - Spanish Village' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Balearic Islands.

The Pueblo Espanyol (Spanish Village) is a popular tourist attraction in Palma, Mallorca. Located in the Son Españolet district of Palma, the attraction is laid out like a small village with a large collection of reproductions of various buildings characteristic of the different architectural styles found throughout Spain. Here you can wander through various houses, palaces, churches, fortresses and other monuments, visiting the whole of Spain in a day.

Also known as 'Pueblo Español', the Poble Espanyol first opened in the 1970's and contains reproductions of famous buildings in Cordoba, Toledo and Madrid, and also includes reproductions of the Alhambra Palace in Granada. Many of the houses now contain cafes, shops and galleries, the Poble Espanyol actively encourages local crafts and arts, providing independent craftspeople with a good outlet to sell all kinds of arts, jewellery and other goods.

The museum contains 22 main buildings of different styles and periods, replications of original buildings found throughout Spain:

  1. Puerta de Bisagra
  2. Patio de Carlos V
  3. Cristo de los Faroles
  4. Banos Arabes de Granada
  5. Patio de los Arrayanes from the Alhambra Palace
  6. Casa Canaria
  7. Ermita S Antonio de la Florida
  8. Casa de El Greco
  9. Plaza de Santa Maria
  10. Palacio de la Diputacion
  11. Iglesia de Torralba Ribota
  12. Torre de Sta Caterina
  13. Plaza Mayor (shown in this picture)
  14. Ayuntamiento - Vergara
  15. Calle Mayor
  16. Torre del Oro
  17. Plaza de Luis Vives
  18. Barrio Andaluz
  19. Ermita del Cristo de la Luz
  20. Puerta de Toledo
  21. Patio Cervantino
  22. Casa de los Maldonado


Pueblo Espanyol
Carrer Poble Espanyol 39
07014 Palma de Mallorca, Majorca
Phone: 971737075


Bus: Carrer d'Andrea Doria

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