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Lokrum Botanical Garden - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

These are the cloister gardens of the Benedictine Monastery on the island of Lokrum. The Monastery is said to have been founded in 1023 and is now a popular tourist attraction, together with the nearby botanical gardens and a Napoleonic Fortress. Lokrum is now a nature reserve and is only a 10 minute ferry trip from the port of of Dubrovnik.

Lokrum Botanical Garden - FURTHER INFORMATION

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Lokrum Island Botanical Gardens were established in 1959 by the National Academy of Science and Art on Lokrum Island, just off shore from Dubrovnik in Croatia. The aim of the garden is to investigate the introduction and adaptation of tropical and sub-tropical plants to the region, with an emphasis on plants useful for forestry, horticulture and pharmaceutical industry. Focus was given to plants from sub-tropical regions of central Chile, southern and eastern Australia, central and southern coastal California and the Cape of South Africa.

The gardens were damaged during the recent war in Croatia, but have been restored. Today part of the gardens are open to the public, forming one of the attractions on the island, with 500 species, mostly trees and shrubs, and approximately 200 succulents in the greenhouse. One of the most attractive parts of the gardens contains mostly American succulents (Cacti, puyas and agaves).

The gardens used to belong to the Benedictine Abbey that was founded on Lokrum in 1023, a small island just off , and absolved in 1798. The island's name (Lokrum is a derivative of 'acrumen', the Latin for 'sour fruit) indicates that plants from different parts of the earth have been grown here since ancient times.

The Abbey Gardens were established both to provide food for the abbey, but the monks also introduced more decorative plants. In the 19th century, long after the monks had left, Maximilian of Habsburg built a house on the island, established various paths through the gardens and introduced more plants.

Legend has it that in 1192, Richard the Lionheart was shipwrecked off Lockrum when returning from the crusades. After managing to get to shore safely, he inteneded to build a church on the island, however the citizens of Dubrovnik pleaded with him to build the church in the city instead. This is now the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.


Lokrum Botanical Gardens
University of Dubrovnik
Institute for Marine and Coastal Research
Kneza Damjana Jude 12, POBox 83
HR - 20000 Dubrovnik, Croatia
Phone: +385 20 32 31 25
Botanical Gardens Website


Ferry: 10 minutes from Dubrovnik Old Harbour.

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