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Calçada Portuguesa on the Avenida - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Portuguese sidewalk (Calçada Portuguesa) on Avenida da Liberdade, Lisbon

Calçada Portuguesa on the Avenida - FURTHER INFORMATION

Calçada Portuguesa on the Avenida - Lisbon visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Calçada Portuguesa on the Avenida' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Distrito Lisboa.

The paving on Avenida de Liberdale in Lisbon has become something of a tourist attraction, being Calçada Portuguesa (Portuguese pavement), a form of mosaic laid in intricate black and white patterns. This road is so well known that it is often simply referred to as 'The Avenue' (La Avenida).

Calçada Portuguesa (Portuguese pavement) is the traditional Portuguese mosaic pedestrian paving used in Portugal and old Portuguese colonies such as Brazil and Macau. Calçada Portuguesa is thought to have originated in Mesopotamia and was then brought to Ancient Greece and Rome. The top stones are laid on a compacted trench of argillaceous materials.

Avenu de Liberdale's Portuguese pavement was laid between 1879 - 1882 in the style of the Champs Elysees in Paris. The large boulevard became a center of parades, festivals and events. This is a grand, majestic, avenue, some 90 meters wide and decorated with Portuguese Sidewalk. It starts just north of Praça D. Pedro IV connecting Restauradores to the Marques de Pombal Square and is considered one of the most elegant avenues in Lisbon, lined with luxury shops, restaurants and hotels with 10 traffic lanes.

Some of the orignal buildings of The Avenue still remain, though many of the mansions have been converted into hotels, cafes, theaters and luxury stores. It is popular with tourits, not only for the shopping, but also the pleasant walks between ancient trees, fountains and magnificent terraces. An experience enhanced by stops at the restaurant terraces for a relaxing drink while the world moves by.

Laying Calçada Portuguesa is a dying art, poorly paid and arduous work mean that few people want to do it. Others complain that the surfaces are uneven, causing problems for the disabled, and that they are slippery when wet. That said, the end results are stunning, and the pavements often become tourist attractions in their own right.


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Flight: Lisbon International Airport (LIS)
Metro:Avenida Azul line
Bus: Avenida:( 36, 44,205,207,702,709,711,732,745,746,759)

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