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Graz Cathedral - Dom

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Panorama showing the main courtyard of the Burg in Graz.

Graz Cathedral - Dom - FURTHER INFORMATION

Graz Cathedral - Dom - Graz visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Graz Cathedral - Dom' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Styria.

The Dom, or Cathedral, in Graz is an impressive Gothic church built between 1438-62 by Emperor Frederick III. It stands on the site of an earlier 12th century church dedicated to St Giles, next to the Mausoleum. It used to join up to the Burg, serving as the Court Church and, from 1786, the Seat of the Bishop of Seckau. The cathedral is considered one of the top sights in Graz.

The main doorway is decorated with the coat of arms of Frederick III and there are the remains of a 15th century Late Gothic fresco called the 'Landplagenbild' on one of the external walls. This fresco shows the main threats affecting Graz in 1480 - pestilence, locust plagues and the Turks. It is the oldest painting of Graz.

Inside, as shown by this virtual tour, the Cathedral is mainly Baroque in style. An arch separates the nave from the choir and it is flanked by reliquaries from the 15th century. Dominating the Choir is the High Altar, made of coloured marble in the 1730's and depicting the 'Miracle of St Giles'. The ornately carved, wooden pulpit dates from 1710 and various works of art line the aisles. Within the cloister chapel is a fresco of St Christopher, which is part of the original Gothic decoration from the mid 1400's.


Bus: Schauspielhaus (30), Palais Trauttmannsdorff/Urania (30), Maiffredygasse (31, 39, N1, N2, N7), .
Tram: Hauptplatz/Congress (1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 12, 13), Maiffredygasse(1, 7, 12)

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