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Panorama showing the interior of the Mausoleum in Graz.


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The Mausoleum was commissioned by Emperor Ferdinand II. Built in the early 17th century by an Italian architect, it became one of the most important buildings in Austria at the time, containing the first dome outside of Italy. Today it is one of the top sights in Graz. Incorporated into the Mausoleum is St Catherine Church, whose statue adorns the façade facing the Jesuit College.

The Mausoleum vault is dominated by a red, marble sarcophagus of red marble, under which is the final resting place of Ferdinand's mother, Maria of Bavaria. The grave of Ferdinand himself is marked by a plain stone tablet on the wall.

In 1619, Ferdinand became the Emperor of Austria and left Graz for Vienna. Work on the Mausoleum ground to a halt, and at the time of his death it was only half completed. The final work was carried out by Barque architect Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach under the instruction of Emperor Leopold I, Ferdinand's grandson.

The Mausoleum is part of the Stadtkrone (Crown of the Town), a series of buildings which includes the Cathedral, Burg and the Old University.

Entrance to the Mausoleum is ticketed. While here, it is worth ascending the tower for views over the city.


Bus: Schauspielhaus (30), Maiffredygasse (31, 39, N1, N2, N7).
Tram: Maiffredygasse(1, 7, 12)

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