Photo By David Viner
New Broad at Whitlingham

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New Broad at Whitlingham - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

In 2009 a new "broad" was created at Whitlingham after digging at a gravel pit was completed. Strictly, a "broad" is the result of digging peat - however, two other stretches of water on the other side of the River Yare were created by exactly the same gravel digging method and have been named Whitlingham Great and Little Broads.

At the moment this new broad doesn't appear to have a name and, at the time of upload, does not appear on the associated map.

New Broad at Whitlingham - FURTHER INFORMATION

New Broad at Whitlingham - Norwich visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'New Broad at Whitlingham' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Norfolk.


At the junction of Yarmouth Road and Thunder Lane take the small road leading south (Whitlingham Lane), cross over the railway bridge and, after about 50 years, bear left to get to the broad.

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