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La Plata (Club De Ajedrez)

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La Plata is the capital city of the Buenos Aires Province of , Argentina. The city, just south of the city of Buenos Aires on the coast of Rio La Plata, has a highly planned layout, established in the late 19th century. The foundation stone of La Plata lies within Plaza Moreno, where the two main diagonal roads of the otherwise grid layout meet. Many of the most important buildings are neo-Gothic in design and the city also has a large number of parks and squares.

La Plata - Tourist Attractions

While La Plata is a relatively new city, it still has a classical European feel, slightly reminiscent of . There are many magnificent buildings, museums and nearby attractions for visitors. The most important tourist sites are found around Plaza Moreno and between Streets 51 and 53. Some of the most popular tourist attractions in and around La Plata include:
  • Cathedral of La Plata (Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception) - Neogothic cathedral whose cornerstone was laid in 1884, and was consecrated in 1902. One of the largest cathedral churches in Argentina.
  • La Plata City Hall - built between 1883 and 1888 with German Renaissance Revival architecture and Romanesque interiors standing on the opposite end of Moreno Plaza to the cathedral.
  • Public Squares - located every 7 blocks these places of rest form the green lung for the city.
  • La Plata Museum - a natural history museum housing over 3 million items, considered one of the top natural history museums in the world.
  • Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Latinoamericano (MALCA) - major fine art museum which opened in 1999 housing a large collection from many artists including Antonio Seguí, Julio Le Parc and Rogelio Polesello.
  • Museo Internacional de Muñecos - housed within the Palacio de Cultura de La Mezquita with a large collection of puppets and dolls.
  • Museo de la Soda y el Sifon - museum with over 6000 exhibits telling the story of soda from it's invention to the present day.
  • Museo Yana Kuntur - over 300 Indian works of art created by Yana Kuntur.
  • Museo del Automovil - fairly new museum with a fine collection of vintage cars from around the world.
  • Plaza Moreno - main square of La Plata where the founding ceremony for the city took place in 1882, one of the largest plaza's in Argentina.
  • Pereyra Iraola Park - 600 hectar park, containing the Paseo del Bosque (Wood Ride) and zoo.
  • Punta Lara Beaches - beautiful beaches just a few km from the city center with jet skiing, windsurfing, sailing and other activities.
  • Nightlife - La Plata has a vibrant night life with various clubs and bars as well as good shows and performances at the likes of the the New Argentinian Theatre, Coliseo Podestá Theatre or Islas Malvinas Cultural Center.
  • Curutchet House - one of the two buildings in the Americas by Le Corbusier, found facing Paseo del Bosque park and featuring his famous five points of architecture.
  • Anfiteatro Martín Fierro - open air theatre in Paseo del Bosque that hosts various concerts and performances.
  • Observatorio Astronómico - observatory containing the Museo de Astronomía y Geofísica (Museum of Astronomy and Geophysics) which opened in 1997.


Bus: from Retiro in Buenos Aires.
Car: La Plata is 57km south of Buenos Aires on highway 11.
Ferry: La Plata River Ferry
Flight: Buenos Aires international airport.
Train: from Constitucion in Buenos Aires

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