Photo By Armin Hornung
La Concha Bay off San Sebastian / Donostia

La Concha Bay off San Sebastian / Donostia - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Coastline and beach of the bay "La Concha" in San Sebastian

La Concha Bay off San Sebastian / Donostia - FURTHER INFORMATION

La Concha Bay off San Sebastian / Donostia - San Sebastian visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'La Concha Bay off San Sebastian / Donostia' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Basque Country.

La Concha (Seashell Bay) lies off San Sebastian on the shores of the Cantabric Sea of Biscay Bay. It is possibly the most famous beach in the Basque Country of Spain.

La Concha beach (Playa de la Concha) is 1350 meters long by 40 meters wide on average. It is lined with about 40 public showers, toilets and changing rooms and is a very popular attraction in the local area. Beach chairs can be rented from various points along La Concha and there are also numerous refreshment kiosks nearby.

La Concha is named for the seashell shape, which is clearly visible in aerial photos of the bay. It is a beautiful beach with fine, golden sand set in luscious green landscape. This panorama was taken from the southern side of La Concha, another panorama shows the view from the maria on the north side of La Concha Bay.

Behind La Concha is San Sebastian, the center of tourism in the region, set amidst ancient and medieval buildings on the harbour-front. The beach front is heavily developed with holiday apartments and hotels. In the surrounding town are various castles, military fortifications and ancient buildings telling the story of San Sebastian as a thousand year old military port and trading town.

In the middle of La Concha, clearly visible in this picture, is the Isla de Santa Klara (Isla de santa Clara), which has a surface of 5.6 ha and rises to 48m above sea level. The island is open to the public and accessible by private boat.


Bus: Various regional bus services arrive at San Sebastian bus station, at Plaza de Pio XII in Amara Nuevo.
Flight: San Sebastian Airport. Other nearby airports include Biarritz (France, 50km away), Bilbao (100km) and Vitoria-Gasteiz (114km).
Train: San Sebastian has international links with Spain, Portugal and France and overnight services from both Paris and Lisbon.


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