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Brompton Oratory

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This panorama was taken from the front of the Bropton Oratory. It was not possible to get much closer to the building because it stands on a very busy main road. And from the other side of the road the panoramic image would not take in the whole of the building. Cameras are not allowed inside.


Brompton Oratory - London visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Brompton Oratory' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Greater London.

The Brompton Oratory is officially known as The Church of the Immaculate Hear of Mary, it is the second largest Roman Catholic church in London after Westminster Cathedral. It stands close to the V& Museum, just a short distance the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and Harrods, The Oratory was consecrated in 1884 and is about 200 ft high at the tallest point. It is built in Italian Baroque style, as an exact copy of the Il Gesu church in Rome.

There are many features of The Brompton Oratory that link this church with Rome. In the sanctuary stand two seven-branched candlesticks, copies of the menorah used in the Temple in Jerusalem (the menorah is one of the oldest Jewish symbols which symbolize the burning bush seen by Moses on Mount Sinai) and which are depicted by on the Arch of Titus in Rome. The high altar stands in a 70 foot deep alcove.

The lavishly gilded nave and dome mosaics are the work of Comandatore Formilli (1927-32). The Brompton Oratory pulpit is one of the most heavily decorated in Britain, again in baroque style and seemingly alive with flowing lines and extravagant decoration. This 1930's wooden pulpit stands prominently in the nave.

The interior contains some artifacts that are older than the church itself. The church is fitted with marble columns, a vaulted domes, various mosaics and other pieces of art. 12 statues of the 12 apostles line the nave, which wee originally carved for the Siena Cathedral in 1680 by Mazzuoli. The Lady Chapel also contains a late 17C altar.

Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB), an Anglican church, is built next to the Brompton Oratory, but is set back from the road and obscured by the Oratory itself (HTB is the church from which The Alpha Course originated). Just down the road are Harrods and a number of museums including the Victoria and Albert (V&A) and Science Museum.


Brompton Oratory
Brompton Rd
London, SW7 2RP
020 78080900
Brompton Oratory Website


Knightsbridge (Piccadilly line), Hyde Park Corner (Piccadilly), South Kensington (Piccadilly, Circle, District lines)

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