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The ancient town of Potes lies on the eastern side of the Picos de Europa, in northern Spain.
From here you can enter the Picos, Spain's first national park, at Fuente Dé, about 25 kms away, where a short cable car will take you up into the peaks.
This is the view from the bandstand in the town centre. The square tower behind the blue sunshades is the Torre del Infantado, a typical tower-manor of the 15th century but now used as the town hall.


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The picturesque town of Potes is considered one of the most pretty villages in the Cantabria region of Spain. Situated at the meeting of four valleys at the confluence of the Quiviesa and Deva rivers in the Liébana district, it is surrounded by Picos de Europa (Pics d'Europe) mountains and a popular tourist destination.

Though inhabited during prehistoric times, and occupied by the Romans, Potes did not really become established until the 8th century. The earliest written record of Potes village and parish church date from 847. Due to it's strategic location, it grew in importance receiving royal favour. It was badly damaged in the 18th century during the War of Independence and then rebuilt.

Potes - Tourist Attractions

In 1983 Potes was declared a 'Conjunto Histórico' and today it is one of the most important tourist destinations in Cantabria. The surrounding mountains provide ample opportunities for walking, hiking, biking, skiing and other mountain sports. Local tourist attractions include:
  • Potes Old Town - full of winding alleys and medieval buildings.
  • Torre del Infantado - 15th century, square stone tower dominating much of Potes, now houses the city council.
  • San Vicente Church - originally built in the 15th century, the current church dates from the 19th century, still keeping some older elements.
  • Monument to Jesús de Monasterio - monument to a famous violinist and son of Potes stands in the town square.
  • Ermita de San Cayetano - chapel with 18th century wooden doors and alter and housing a portrait of San Cayetano, next to the San Cayetano Bridge.
  • San Cayetano Bridge - 13th century bridge over the Quiviesa River (Rio Quiviesa).
  • Torre de la Lama Orejón - 15th century tower with shields of Bedoya et Celis on the façade, now used for cultural events.
  • Ermita de la Virgen del Camino - 18th century chapel in the Serna district.
  • Ermita de la Virgen de Valmayo - 16th century chapel located outside Potes on the road to Vega de Liébana.
  • Festivals - like most Spanish towns, Potes holds several festivals and fiestas during the year, with important ones being the festival of St. Vincent in January, Santuca procession in May, procession of the Virgen de Valmayor in August and Exaltation of the Cross feast in September.


Car: Potes is on the N621 , 110km from Santander and 148km from Gijón.

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