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Tramway Museum Graz

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Panorama taken outside the entrance to the Graz Tramway Museum, located in Mariatrost at the end of tram line 1. It is only open on Sunday's for part of the year.


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The Tramway Museum Graz is located at the end of tramline 1 in Mariatrost, a short distance north-east of Graz city center. Founded in 1971 by Franz hc DI, the museum houses 30 vintage trams and some history about their use.

The first, free, public transport for Graz opened in the mid 19th century. The earliest trams were horse-drawn. Since that time the transport network has extended to the extensive, electric tram and bus network that serves Graz today. In addition to trams from former times that served Graz, the museum also contains a number of trams from other cities around the world including Vienna, New York, Munich, Amsterdam, Dubrovnik and Innsbruck.

The Graz Tramway Museum is open every Sunday between July and October. On the 1st and 3rd Saturday of these months there are special tours through Graz on one of the ancient trams. Additionally, the trams can be hired for private use.

Combined with the Mariatrost Basilica, visiting the Tram Museum makes for a good half day excursion for those visiting Graz, with a pleasant journey to the end of line 1 on a modern tram, taking about 30 minutes from Hauptplatz.



Bus: Mariatrost Tramwaymuseum (N1), Mariatrost Postamt (200, 220, 250, 260, 270)
Road: Mariatrost is about 6.5km north of Graz city center on the 72.
Tram: Mariatrost Tramwaymuseum station (1), about 30minutes ride from Hauptplatz.

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