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Statue Prince Albert I of Monaco
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Statue Prince Albert I of Monaco - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

This virtual tour shows the statue of Albert I of Monaco, a passion for oceanography in the St.Martin gardens. We can see also the Oceanographic Institute, positioned at the edge of a promontory overlooking the sea, which is about 80 meters high on the facade facing the Mediterranean See.

Statue Prince Albert I of Monaco - FURTHER INFORMATION

Statue Prince Albert I of Monaco - Monaco-Ville visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Statue Prince Albert I of Monaco' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Monaco.

The statue of Prince Albert I stands in St Martin Gardens in overlooking Monaco Bay. It was erected in honour of Prince Albert I for his dedication to oceanography and stands between the Oceanographic Institute and Monaco Cathedral.

Prince Albert I became interested in oceanography from an early age, when it was still a new field of science exploding onto the scene around 1873. He designed various experiments and pioneered the study of the interaction between ocean and atmosphere.

In 1875 he began a series of oceanographic expeditions in the Mediterranean, Atlantic and Arctic Ocean surrounded by a team of scientists from marine biology, meteorology and oceanography. In 1910 Prince Albert I founded the Oceanographic Institute, one of the most remarkable buildings of Monaco.

Much space within the Oceanographic Institute is dedicated to the collections of the Prince, catalogued and preserved in jars, specimens of aquatic life. The Oceanographic Institute which holds one of the largest and diverse collections of marine biology in the world which Jacques-Yves Cousteau was director between 1957 and 1988. It is now one of the top tourist attractions in Monaco.


Monaco Tourist Office
At: 2a Boulevard des Moulins, 98000 Monaco
Phone: (+377) 92 16 61 16


Train: The Monaco - Monte Carlo (SNCF) Station.
Flight: Nice-Côte-d'Azur International Airport 22km from Monaco.
Road: Monaco is linked to France, (A8) and other European nations by a network of highways.
Boat: Large cruise ships can dock in Monaco.

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