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Big Lizzie in Red Cliffs

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Big Lizzie in Red Cliffs - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Red Cliffs is well known for the 45 tonnes heavy tractor Big Lizzie built in 1916 which was used extensively to clear the land around Red Cliffs.

Big Lizzie in Red Cliffs - FURTHER INFORMATION

Big Lizzie in Red Cliffs - Red Cliffs visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Big Lizzie in Red Cliffs' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Victoria.

Big Lizzie stands preserved as a tourist attraction in Red Cliffs in Victoria. The 10.7m long machine with 2 wagons had a total length of 30m, weighed 45 tons. It was powered by a single-cylinder crude oil engine with 60 horsepower and had a turning circle of 60m and a top speed of around 3km per hour.

Big Lizzie was built by Frank Bottrill between 1915-16. It then left Richmond in early 1916 taking a year and a half to finally arrive at Mildura. However, the Murray River was in flood and no punt could take the large machine across. Big Lizzie finally started clearing land in 1920 and was subsequently used to clear 1500 ha of land at Red Cliffs.

Big Lizzie employed a team of 16 men to attach the cables to the trees, and had a forge, anvil and toolbox mounted on the front to deal with repairs to damaged cables. Clearing around Red Cliffs finished in 1924 and Big Lizzie then moved, slowly, to Western Victoria to clear more land. In 1938 the engine was sold and used to drive rock crushing equipment at Pyramid Hill for 4 years before being scrapped in 1945.

The remains of Big Lizzie were purchased by the Red Cliffs Golden Jubilee in 1971. It was then carefully restored and, along with one of the trailers, now holds pride of place in Barclay Square Red Cliffs.


Road: Red Cliffs is on the A79 Calder Highway.

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