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Place de Hotel de Ville

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Place de Hotel de Ville - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

The Hotel de Ville is a massive building which dominates the easter side of the Place de Hotel de Ville. This virtual tour panorama shows the front of the Hotel de Ville and the surrounding square.

Place de Hotel de Ville - FURTHER INFORMATION

Place de Hotel de Ville - Paris visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Place de Hotel de Ville' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Paris.

The Hôtel de Ville (lit: City Hall) has a long history in Paris. It is at the political center of Paris, and like the rest of Paris has had a turbulent history. The Hôtel de Ville has served as the governing center of Paris since 1357 when the then provost of merchants brought the 'Maison aux Piliers' (House of Pillars) that was on the site. In 1553 king Francis I decided to build a more substantial city hall, which was completed in 1628 by Louis XIII.

In 1771 a revolting Commune set fire to the Hôtel de Ville having occupied it for a number of months. Following the defeat of the Commune by Royalists, the Hôtel de Ville was rebuilt. Thereafter Paris was ruled by the Ministry of the Interior untill 1977 when Paris once again had it's own mayor.

The square in front of the Hôtel de Ville used to be called the Place de Grève. It was, from 1310, the site of most of the executions in Paris, by being beheaded, quartered or burnt. In 1792 a guillotine was installed in the squre continuing it's bloody history. The last execution took place here in 1830, and it was after this that the Place de Grève was renamed Place de Hôtel de Ville, possibly in effort to eradicate the previous history.

Today, as can be seen in this panoramic photograph, the Place de Hôtel de Ville is a pedestrianised square, which contains a carousel and in the winter months a temporary ice rink.


Hotel de Ville
4 place de l'Hotel de Ville


Metro: Hôtel de Ville (Line 1, 11), Pont Marie (Line 7)

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