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Elisabethenkirche - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Elisabethenkirche, the Neo-Gothic church more important in Switzerland.

Elisabethenkirche - FURTHER INFORMATION

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Elisabethenkirche is the most important Neo-Gothic church Basel and the whole of Switzerland. The church has an impressive historical interior, offering an unconventional setting for a wide variety of events. It is in the center of Basel, next to the Basel Theatre and Kunsthalle Basel. It is one of the most important attractions in the city, close to the Kunstmuseum Basel and Puppenhausmuseum.

Built between 1857 and 1865, Elisabethenkirche was the first Protestant church to be built in Basel, after the Reformation. It was almost demolished in the 1980's but saved by popular protest and restored. The focal point inside Elizabeth church is the stone pulpit, though the canopy over the pulpit was made of wood to save on costs.

The church is now used as an events venue, and the unique setting of Elisabethenkirche makes the church popular for birthdays, corporate events, concerts, weddings, banquets, exhibitions, clubs and birthday parties and has a capacity of 850.


Elisabethenkirche Basel
Elisabethenstrasse 10-14,
CH-4051 Basel
Phone: +41 61 / 272 03 43


Bus: Kirschgarten, Bankverein, Basel Theater
Flight: Basel/Mulhouse International Airport
Train: Basel SBB


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