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Nowy Sącz (ˈnɔvɨ ˈsɔnt​͡ʂ) is the capital of the Nowy Sącz County within the Małopolska Province (Lesser Poland Voivodeship) of Poland. It is known as Neu Sandez in German and Újszandec in Hungarian. The town is very close to the border with Slovakia.

Nowy Sącz was founded by the Bohemian king Wenceslaus II in 1292 on the ancient Amber Road trade route that connected the Mediterranean Sea with the Baltic. The town grew and flourished, becoming a rival to Kraków in visual arts in the 15th century. Sadly, a large part of Nowy Sącz was destroyed by fire in 1611 and thereafter the town began to decline.

During WWII, Nowy Sącz was occupied by the Germans. Being close to Slovakia, it was on a major route for resistance fighters of the Polish Home Army and the Gestapo were active in the area. At that time the town had a large Jewish population of about 25,000. About 90% of the Nowy Sącz Jews were killed by the Germans, many at the Belzec extermination camp in 1942. Some 400 other people in the town were also killed for harbouring Jews.

Nowy Sącz - Tourist Attractions

Today, Nowy Sącz has a number of historic sites and other tourist attractions for the visitor. Among the top tourist attractions in Nowy Sącz are:
  • Nowy Sącz Rynek (Market square) - one of the largest in Europe and the second largest in Poland.
  • Nowy Sącz Ratusz (City Hall) - also on the Rynek of the town.
  • Bazylika kolegiacka Św. Małgorzaty (Saint Margaret's basilica) - founded in the 13th century, remodelled later with elements of Gothic and Baroque architecture.
  • Dom Gotycki (Gothic House) - 16th century Gothic house now housing a regional museum.
  • The Great Synagogue - built in 1746 this now houses the the Galeria Dawna Synagoga gallery with some historical displays.
  • Royal Castle - restored ruins of the mediæval 14th century castle built by Kazimierz the Great and destroyed by the Germans in 1945.
  • Sądecki Park Etnograficzny - open air museum of a traditional village with indigenous architecture, customs, and folk culture from the region and wooden churches.
  • Stary Sącz (Old Sącz) - small town 10km from Nowy (New) Sącz with a cobbled market place.
  • Saint Roch and St. Helen's Church - 15th century wooden churches in the Dąbrówka district.
  • Mountains - Nowy Sacz is surrounded by various mountains which provide ample opportunities for walking and various mountain sports. Most popular are the Beskid Sądecki mountains which include Radziejowa (1,262m)
  • Jezioro Rożnowskie - nearby, 22km long reservoir with beautiful surroundings.
  • Krynica-Zdrój and Piwniczna-Zdrój - just two of the many mountain resorts in the region.
  • Ciężkowicko-Rożnowski National Park (Ciężkowice-Rożnów Landscape Park) - a protected area of parkland covering some 176.34 square kilometres.


Nowy SaczTourist Information Centre
ul. Piotra Skargi 2,
33-300 Nowy Sacz,
Tel: 018 444 24 22


Road: Nowy Sacz is 110km soutwest of Kraków on the Rout 4 and Route 75.
Train: Nowy Sacz station.

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