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Itanhaém (Igreja Matriz de Sant'Anna)

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Itanhaém - Itanhaém visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Itanhaém' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from São Paulo.

Itanhaém (Itanagar) lies on the coastal road about half way between Mongaguá and Peruibe in São Paulo state. It is the second oldest European settlements in Brazil, founded by Martim Afonso de Souza in 1532. the name comes from the Tupi word itá-nha'ẽ, meaning either 'plate of rock' or 'rock that cries', a possible reflection on the continual pounding of waves from the Atlantic.

During the 1970's, Itanhaém was a very popular and fashionable tourist destination, which led to numerous hotels springing up along the coast. It is surrounded by tropical Atlantic Forest, much of which is protected and contains many rare species of animals, birds and plant life. Itanhaém is at the mouth of Rio Itanhaém (Itanhaém River), which flows down from the surrounding mountains.

Itanhaém - Tourist Attractions

Aside from the beaches, which are listed below, there are numerous tourist attractions and sights of interest in Itanhaém, some of which are shown on this interactive Itanhaém map. Among the most popular tourist attractions are:
  • Convento Nossa Senhora da Conceição - 16th century convent building situated on Itaguaçu hill, decorated with azulejo português tiles and containing some religious art.
  • Igreja Matriz de Sant'Anna - 18th century church found on Praça Narciso de Andrade in the center of Itanhaém, it is one of the oldest churches in Litoral Paulista.
  • Igreja Nossa Senhora de Sion - one of the only Romanesque churches on the whole coastal region with a beautiful interior and roof decorated with an image of Mary.
  • Pelourinho de Itanhaém (Pillory Stone of Itanhaém) - significant landmark erected at the time when Itanhaém was granted village status and indicating that the settlement had a church, a jail and a pillory or gallows.
  • Cama de Anchieta - rock formation on the Beach of Dreams with stunning panoramic views out to sea and where the Jesuit José de Anchieta used to come and meditate.

Itanhaém - Beaches

The 26km of coastline around Itanhaém is lined with numerous beaches, coves and bays. These include:
  • Praia de Itanhaém (Itanhaém Beach) - also known as Centro or Boca da Barra (Downtown beach), it is the closest to the city center and very busy.
  • Praia do Sonho (Dream Beach) - by far the most popular tourist beach, and very busy at high season, with thousands of visitors coming to see the Cama de Anchieta rock formation.
  • Praia dos Pescadores (Fishermen's Beach)
  • Poço dos Índios (Indians' Well Beach)
  • Praia do Peruíbe (Peruíbe Beach)
  • Praia do Tombo (Tombo Beach)
  • Praia da Saudade (Saudade Beach)
  • Praia dos Pescadores (Pescadores Beach)
  • Praia das Conchas (Pescadores Beach)
  • Praia do Suarão (Pescadores Beach)
  • Praia do Gaivota (Pescadores Beach)
  • Praia da Gaivota (Seagull Beach)


Road: Itanhaém is on the BR101 superhighway, about 114km from São Paulo. It is 70km southwest of Santos, 20km from Mongaguá and 30km northeast of Peruíbe.

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