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Pistoia Cathedral - Crucifix Chapel

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Pistoia Cathedral - Crucifix Chapel - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Virtual tour taken inside the Crucifix Chapel of Pistoia Duomo (Cathedral) showing the famous Altar of St James, intricately carved and embossed with silver.

Pistoia Cathedral - Crucifix Chapel - FURTHER INFORMATION

Pistoia Cathedral - Crucifix Chapel - Pistoia visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Pistoia Cathedral - Crucifix Chapel' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Tuscany.

The Altar of St James within the Crucifix Chapel is one of the highlights of Duomo di Pistoia (Pistoia Cathedral), the main attraction in Pistoia. It was started by Andrea di Jacopo d'Ognabene in 1287 who was commissioned to make Stories of the New Testament, Christ in Majesty between Mary and St. James and Three Stories of St. James for the front of the altar and a Madonna and Child for the rear. He completed this work in 1316.

The large silver statue of St. James Enthroned was made by Giglio Pisano between 1349-1353 in thanksgiving for the end of the Black Death in 1348. The two side antependia are decorated with Stories of the Old Testament and Stories of St. James, created by Leonardo di Ser Giovanni and Francesco Niccolai between 1361-71.

Various other artists also contributed elements to the Altar of St James, with Piero d'Arrigo Tedesco making the Apostles, St Eulalia, Bishop Atto, St John the Baptist and Salome (1380-1390), and Nofri di Buto and Atto di Piero Braccini adding the Christ in Majesty with St Anthony Abbot, St Stephen and the altar's cusp (1394-1398). other sides were decorated by Piero d'Antonio da Pisa and Domenico da Imola. Finally, Filippo Brunelleschi decorated the front part with two busts of prophets (1401).

The Altar of St James is a relatively new acquisition, which moved to Pistoia Cathedral in 1953. It is housed in the Crucifix Chapel, and while entrance to the main cathedral is free, entrance to this side chapel to view the altar is ticketed, though the fee is very small and helps contribute to the conservation of this marvellous work of religious art.


Pistoia Cathedral
Piazza del Duomo


Car: Pistioa is on the A11, 35km north of Florence, 40km east of Lucca and 65km east of Pisa.
Flight: Pisa Airport, Florence Airport.
Train: Pistoia Station on the main East-West line from Florence to Pisa.

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