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Pisotia Cathedral, Baptistery and Bell Tower

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Pisotia Cathedral, Baptistery and Bell Tower - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Virtual tour panorama taken in front of Pistoia Cathedral (Duomo), showing the marble, stripped facade, the Baptistery of S. Giovanni in Corte and the Bell tower next to the Cathedral, beyond which lies Piazza del Duomo. Panorama taken in May 2010.

Pisotia Cathedral, Baptistery and Bell Tower - FURTHER INFORMATION

Pisotia Cathedral, Baptistery and Bell Tower - Pistoia visitor guide showing a virtual tour of 'Pisotia Cathedral, Baptistery and Bell Tower' linked to an interactive map with local and travel information. 360° panoramas from Tuscany.

Pistoia Cathedral is one of the main tourist attractions in Pistoia. As this map of Pistoia shows, the cathedral is located on the southern edge of Piaxxa del Duono, next to the Pistoia Tourist Information Office. Inside the cathedral visitors will find a number of important works of art and religious artefacts, including the 13th century Crucifixion (1274) by Coppo di Marcovaldo with 6 other panels showing scenes from the event and 15th century Madonna Enthroned between St. John the Baptist and St. Donatus created by Lorenzo di Credi in Chapel of the Holy Sacrament. Also not to be missed is the Altar of St James in Crucifix Chapel.

The cathedral was probably built in the 10th century, inspired by other Romanesque churches in Pistoia like San Bartolomeo and San Jacopo. The façade dates from 1379 and 1440 and is decorated with striped marble, and has three tiers of loggias and a portico. Over the main entrance is a bas-relief of Madonna with Child and Angels created by Andrea della Robbia in 1505.

Baptistery of S. Giovanni in Corte

As with other Baptisteries in the region, like the Baptistery of San Giovanni of Florence Cathedral, the Baptistery stands opposite the entrance to the cathedral. Known fully as the 'Battistero di S Giovanni in Corte pistoia', it is one of the oldest buildings in Pistoia. It is first mentioned in 1114 as the 'ecclesia in civitate Sancti Iohannis batiste Pistoria', but was extensively during the 14th century and given the current green and white marble cladding similar to that found in Pisa. Above the dome is a lantern, itself topped by a bronze sphere with a cross on top. The Baptistery was suffering greatly from decay, and refurbished extensively in recent years, works being completed in May 2010.

Pistoia Campanile

The Campanile (Bell Tower) standing to next to the Cathedral is about 67m high. The lower section is thought to have been constructed as a Lombard watch tower, with the upper levels and arcades added in the 13th century. The top level dates from the 16th C. The bell tower is sometimes open to the public, and there are panoramic views of Pistoia from the top.


Pistoia Cathedral
Piazza del Duomo


Car: Pistioa is on the A11, 35km north of Florence, 40km east of Lucca and 65km east of Pisa.
Flight: Pisa Airport, Florence Airport.
Train: Pistoia Station on the main East-West line from Florence to Pisa.

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