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Churchyard and Church of S. Miguel
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Churchyard and Church of S. Miguel - PHOTOGRAPHER COMMENT

Churchyard and Church of S. Miguel, patron of Riodades.

Churchyard and Church of S. Miguel - FURTHER INFORMATION

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Churchyard and Church of S. Miguel
The churchyard of S. Miguel is located in Riodades, in the North of Portugal where is located the old mother church of the same name.
The Church of S. Miguel de Riodades is a medieval temple architectural style of Roman origin, whose foundation is believed to date back to the eleventh century. Suffered through the years several reconstructions, the first in 1607 followed in 1904 and last restored in 1990, the dimensions have changed getting this low, but keeping the same architectural line. In the interior, especially the gilded main altar and a precious religious art.
S. Miguel is the patron of Riodades.


Largo do Mercado, n.º 1
5130 – 287 Riodades

Telefone: 254 473 547
FAX: 254 473 547


Riodades, is about 140km from Porto
Flight: Porto International Airport ( Sá Carneiro).
Road: A4, IP4, N222, N119


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